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For centuries, the Kimono Dragon has been a popular item of clothing in the land of the rising sun. Symbolic, traditional and original, this garment has evolved over the years and is now becoming a real trend that conquers the hearts of Westerners.

Today, this atypical outfit is creating incredible fame in the fashion world while preserving its values ​​intact. If you want to stand out or dress in Japanese style , this is the dress accessory for you. The representation of the dragon symbolizes strength, ferocity and power. Japan and China are particularly respectful of this legendary animal. It is therefore no accident that the Japanese ryū or the Chinese lóng are often used as a motif on the Kimono.

Our collection is mainly inspired by Chinese culture and our wide range of models is suitable for both women and men. Our Kimonos Dragons are still modern and have a more urban touch. Thus, our clothes are suitable for any occasion and can be worn at home on a daily basis and even on the street.

If you are also looking for an accessory to ignite your outings and other events, our Dragon Costumes are ideal.

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